Flashed by

Flashed by

A huge screen, the stage empty, the backstage visible. A temporary solution in an intimate atmosphere.
A young dancer shortly before her performance: still half private and already half figure. Tense, nervous, focused on the question: How do they burn themselves into the memory of the audience?
The question of expectations is played through in different roles, always in the field of tension between claim, self-assertion and heteronomy, between strength and triumph, despair and crash.

Fragmentation of body, light and music. “FLASHED BY” tells of loss and disappearance, first the woman loses her clothes, gradually her identity, then her dignity, and finally she exists only in a thicket of projections and false images.

choreography I directed by: Lenka Flory
choreography I performed by: Lea Švejdová
film: Barbara Schröer
music: Michal Vaniš Světelný
light design: Jan Beneš T
text: Jeník Burian Scéna
stage and costume design: Lenka Flory, Mariana Novotná

co-production: Tanec Praha, DIOD 

Photo by Lukás Houdek